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Welcome to Skene Software
We are a company which develops clinically-focused software for enhancing the rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions, such as stroke.

Supporting rehabilitation professionals
We developed the proof-of-concept version of the SiLCK Clinic electronic rehabilitation. This can support in-patient and community rehabilitation:
through more effective record keeping
through enhanced communications between members of rehabilitation teams
through decision support for planning rehabilitation programmes.

The first version of SiLCK Clinic has entered service in the iSIT clinical trial, hosting the iPAM therapeutic robot. A second version, implementing more extensive SiLCK features, is currently under development by SiLCK Clinical Solutions Ltd.

Automated treatment devices
The amount of therapeutic excercise offered patients is often limited by healthcare staff resources. Together with our partners, we aim to increase patients' exercise opportunities, through automated treatment devices, which gives them autonomy to support patients in undertaking independent exercise between conventional therapy sessions.
The first device to use the company's software is
iPAM robotic therapy system.

SiLCK foundations
Our products are based on the SiLCK framework. This defines structures for capturing patient data, and processes for using this data to support the day-to-day work of rehabilitation teams. Extensions to the SiLCK framework define processes for specific device-based treatment, such as robotic exercise therapy.

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